Arsenal Club Favorite Muller

mullerBayern Munich will travel to the Emirates Stadium to carry out the preliminary phase of the third matchday of Group F of the Champions League 2015-2016 on Wednesday, October 21 early morning. The game will certainly have an interesting, given Bayern are unbeaten this season will be against Arsenal who were trying to get up.

Arsenal have not won a single victory in the Champions League this season. However, Muller believes the Gunners will not make Die Bayern win easily. German national team players were also reminded his colleagues on Arsenal’s improved performance in the domestic league.

“Come to Arsenal, I doubt we are favorites. But look at our statistics last few months, we were outstanding, “said the player who successfully led Germany won the world title, citing Express, Tuesday (10/20/2015).

“However, Arsenal still have quality, and they already showed last few weeks. Both clubs will look to attack, and featuring an open game, “said Muller to livescore  website .

Muller who has always scored goals when meeting with Arsenal, certainly will not be easy this time. Wenger reportedly will decrease experienced goalkeeper, Petr Cech, and instruct the players behind him to not give space to the Bayern bomber.

Brilliant idea Bos Facebook Starting from ZuckNet


CALIFORNIA – Facebook has become one of the social media can not be underestimated and is taken into account. Lunge Facebook could not be separated from the figure of its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. Its existence until now, proving Facebook is able to dispel all obstacles that exist.

Not many people know, before her husband’s Priscilla Chan created the social networking site Facebook, Mark also could create other things that can not be underestimated.Creative ideas Mark apparently had been attached since time immemorial.

Long before Facebook appeared, the man who educated at Ardsley High School was never made something interesting that ZuckNet. The idea of ​​making ZuckNet stems from the lack of communication that is lacking among families.

To overcome this, Mark was then aged 11 years had the idea of ​​an intranet that allows anyone to log in from any computer and send messages. ZuckNet serves as an instant chat system, exclusive only for the Mark family.

Success creates ZuckNet, Mark seems to never be satisfied, as evidenced when attending high school, Mark wrote computer programs, Synapse Media Player used machine learning to determine the habit of listening to music and recommend more music based genrem artists, like what was done Last .fm today.

This application was made in 2000, and featured by the magazine PC SlashDot and then with a stunning review of reach rating. Fascinated with it, Microsoft and AOL approached Mark to purchase Synapse coupled with a job offer, but he refused and post free application. In addition, he also rejected the full-time employment in the two giant companies and continuing education by enrolling at Harvard.

When Mark start his class at Harvard, he has been known as a magic pemogram. As the project early in the second, he began to build CourseMatch, which helps the students at Harvard taking the course they want at the beginning of each semester. CourseMatch through, you can see the number of students enrolled in a particular course.

Prior to the successful launch of Facebook, Mark first introduced FaceMash. FaceMash present the user with two images both for men or women at Harvard. However, FaceMash also brought Mark in trouble. He was charged with violation of internet privacy rules and scope of computer security.

Pacquiao Fight in Politics


Sarangani – Philippine boxer, Manny Pacquiao offered a candidate for senator in Philippine Elections 2016. He was given a week to officially announce the offer.

As reported GMAnetwork, Monday (05/10/2015), eight-time world boxing champion said it will try these opportunities. Support was also given his wife and vice governor of Sarangani, Pacquiao Jinkee above decision became senator.

Manny Pacquiao’s mother, Dionisia Pacquiao Dapidran believe it is God’s will for her. He blessed her son on the nomination. Pacquiao plans to lead the region Sarangani after receiving the decision from the Congress House of Representatives of the Philippines.

Previously, Pacquiao had followed the election of the Senate in the election of 2007. He ran for the region of North Santos, but he suffered a defeat at that time.

Right Step Apply Smokey Eyes


Makeup smokey eyes able to give the appearance of larger eyes and life. Many women who love this makeup to be applied when they go to a party or event the other night. In fact, in addition to the evening shows, makeup smokey eyes can also be applied to go to the office.

However, sometimes women often have difficulties in applying smokey eyes. This is one of them caused because it can produce a stain.

However, now you do not need to worry because there is an easy way to make eye makeup smokey look more beautiful. Following his review, as reported by the

– Make sure that your face has been cleaned.

– Use a primer first to moisturize and hide the lines on the eyelids. In addition to theprimary, you can also replace it with concealer or foundation. The trick, apply on the eyelids and the area under the eyes. Let stand for five minutes. It is useful to make eye makeup to be more durable.

– Draw a line on the lower eyelid from end to end using a black pencil. Try to apply as close to your lashes.

– Apply eyeshadow black on the eyelid using a brush. Or you can also use your fingers to make it blend.

– After applying eyeshadow black, use a lighter brown or gray. It aims to provide eye makeup smokey become more beautiful and perfect. Use a brush to make it blend.

– If so, use a white pencil on the inner corner of your eye. It is useful to make your eyes look bigger.

– In order to produce a perfect eye makeup and interesting, do not forget to clamp your lashes yes, Ladies.

– To give the impression of a dramatic yet elegant, apply mascara color of gold or silver.You can also apply shimmer in the middle of the eyelids.

Malaysia bans Transgender Use Women’s Clothing


KUALA LUMPUR – Regional Regulation Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, bans transgender women dressed declared valid and remain in force after the Guild in Putrajaya Court rejected a lawsuit against the regulation.

The panel of judges chaired by Tan Sri Md Raus Sharif, confirmed this in its decision.Raus decided, a request to test the regulation can not be done through the judicial judiciary.

According to him, the respondent in this case did not follow the correct procedures and judges in the High Court and Court of Appeal should not respond to the request.

On October 11, 2012 Seremban High Court rejected the judicial review filed by Muhammad Juzaili, Mohamad Khamis, Syukor Jani and Wan Ismail Wan Fairol.

The third applicant worked as a bridal make it appeal in the Court of Appeal. But it can not be applied to them as people with “gender identity confusion”.

On November 7, 2014, the Court of Appeal confirmed the existence of their application and had stated that the regulation was invalid and contrary to the law of institutionalization.